Hi, I am Zac, currently a Product Lead at Milieu Insight.

After spending 8 years as a techie, from running my fail startup to working as an engineering lead, I took a big leap of faith to give up writing code and become a product manager.

Product management requires a vast array of skills. From design, user experiences, marketing, business, product requirement to development, and technical understanding. I notice that there are many blogs from product managers, but none focus on the technical aspect of it.

I decided to share my knowledge about being a technical product manager and how to help others to improve their technical skills to become a better product manager.


I use my free time in writing about mastering technical product management. I also enjoy building side products and hope to have a sustainable lifestyle business one day.

I continue to keep myself updated with software development. I have made InstaCoundown, Musca, Cilly, and Shell Memories.

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