Timely Feedback — The key to preventing frustration in Product Management

Getting the timing right solved major frustration in product management. As a former engineer, I feel super frustrated when receiving design-related remarks, not because they are not valid. In fact, the remarks are extremely valid and have every right to be discussed. But, it comes at the wrong time and engineers have to bear the consequences.

"Can you make the font larger? Can

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The feature that kills the product

Building the right feature attract more users, create stickiness, and increase retention. However, the most simple and most difficult feature tends to kill the product. We often overly add simple features and over-complicate difficult features.

"If this is simple, let's just build it".

There are always overflowing feature wishlists, scope, story, and tickets. Whatever your company calls it. We spent the bulk amount

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#1 Priority and Hiring More Engineers

The common misconception about prioritization and hiring always led to unnecessary confusion and anxiety. We have the same goals in delivering quality products according to the timeline. All we need is a little more understanding across departments to solve the unnecessary confusion.

1. "Let's tackle this ASAP"

abbreviation for as soon as possible

The most overused word in all industries. Let's fix this

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